About Us


Hi, nice to meet you!  Huw and Jon here, founders of fuelit.  We've been cycling and running for over 10 years, participating in everything from 24-hour endurance events to international level races.  In this time, we've sought out and tried just about every endurance sports nutrition product under the sun, experimenting with what works well for us and what doesn't.

We set up fuelit in order to share what we've discovered with you, our fellow athletes.  Whether you've just set out in the world of cycling, or are a seasoned runner getting ready to smash your personal best in another marathon, we believe that it's really important to fuel up with food and drink which not only work well for your own personal needs, but taste great too.  Given that everyone's different and has different preferences, we believe that the best way to do this is to try a wide variety of sports nutrition products and see what works best for you.  Hence the creation of the Discovery Box!

Once you've found your new favourites, you can order them in any combination in our Custom Boxes, containing any 10 products of your choice. We were tired of taking up lots of space in our homes with big bulk packs of the same thing, and we thought it would be great to be able to shop online in the same way as you can in your local store (but with much more choice!), but still at the same price per item as in bulk packs.  So, with our Custom Boxes, you can create combinations of the products which work best for you and keep you motivated; perhaps one with your favourite slow-burning bars for long winter training sessions, and another with gels for racing in the summer?

We also want to help you get a better understanding of how your food and drink actually work, so will be writing a series of guides covering what, how and when to eat for various types of event or training session.  These will look at ingredients rather than specific products, e.g. explaining the advantages of different types of carbohydrates, how much protein to eat, how to know when you're well hydrated, etc.  This will help you decide exactly what to eat and when, instead of being told to do so by what is often quite misleading marketing.

So, that's us in a nutshell.  If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us at theteam@fuelit.co.uk or on 0131 510 4614.

Huw and Jon
Founders, fuelit