Charlotte Harris - Triathlete

Triathlon was never the plan.

Having run, fairly competitively, for a number of years I turned to
cycling (with a bit of running) in 2012 in a bid to recover from years
of constant running.

I had no idea what a duathlon was but reckoned combining my new found
love of cycling with some running sounded pretty good! In 2013, I went
to Holland to compete in the European sprint duathlon championships. I
came away with an age group silver medal.

From there I progressed to some longer races, coming 3rd at Powerman
UK 2013 and winning the ultra distance race at the London Duathlon. At
the end of 2013, my former running coach put me in touch with Alexis
Christodoulou, a local triathlete and coach.

With absolutely no swimming background, the next year was a huge
learning curve. A handful of sprint and Olympic triathlons later I was
entered for the 2015 Ironman 70.3, Staffordshire and Ironman UK,

Whilst my first Ironman races were experiences I will never forget, my
performances were not what I had hoped for. So, the plan for 2016:
Shropshire standard distance and European championship qualification
in May. Then Ironman 70.3 Staffordshire in June and Ironman UK
Weymouth in September.

Whilst not swimming, cycling or running, I work full time in a large
teaching hospital in Oxford as a pharmacist, specialising in nutrition
and gastrointestinal surgery. My other passion is my pug, Freddie. He
has been described as "more than just a dog" and I would
wholeheartedly agree with that.
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