Callum Ferguson - Zappi's Pro Cycling


My biggest memories of cycling was always waking up in the summer holidays in the French Alps and descending down the mountain with my granddad to get the breakfast.

As a 13 year old a played cricket for Worcestershire county and captained the side on a few occasions, and with perhaps a bright career in that I had to make the choice between cycling and cricket. Cycling won!

I raced as a junior in national events and also raced in France and Belgium. This is now my 3rd season racing for Zappi racing team. I feel myself getting stronger all the time, the standard of racing is so high on the continent that it begins to have a very positive effect on your performance. I hope this season can bring me a professional contract at the highest level to fulfil my dream.

Callum is the captain of Zappi's racing team, and races in the Under 23 category across Europe. 

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