Chilly? More like Baltic

So thats why they call it the 9bar CHILLY duathlon. Stepping out the bus to be met by a brisk 3 degrees was an unsual phenomenon for me, as previous triathlons have been in 20-30 degrees, as I compete mostly in the USA.
Having signed in for the BUCS duathlon championship at castle combe circuit I had an hour to warm up and fuel up. My warm up involved a light jog followed by dynamic stretching along with scouting out the course and individuals that were present at the race. 20 minutes prior to the race I had an OTE Chocolate chip rice DuoBar, knowing that I wanted my carbohydrate and sugar levels to be as high as possible. Knowing that this was going to be a short sharp effort this was essential to ensure my carbohydrate levels were sufficient.
The initial rush of the start line saw people flying off at a ridiculous speed however I kept to my game plan to run 5:40min/miles for the first 2 miles. I was very happy with my T1 as I was out on the bike within 43 seconds. 5 Laps around Castle Combe circuit meant that I could really empty the gas into the bike leg. I completed the 10 mile leg in 21:05 minutes which I was happy with as this was the fastest bike leg out of Oxford Brooke University Students and 3rd out of all the students from Oxford. Having another strong transition back into the running shoes saw me leaving T2 with my teammate Anthony. The last 2mile run leg saw my achilles stiffen up, and this prevented me from keep to my game plan of doing 5:25min/miles and saw that drop to 6:20min/miles. This was a great disappointment as I was on track to be in the top 30. I ended up finishing with the time of 48:20 which I was happy about considering the conditions.
Following the race I completed a light jog easing of my achilles along with having a Tribe 10 natural protein bar to help with my recovery. This allowed me to return to training, completing an easy 6.2 mile run the next day round the parks of Oxford. This was a great event and would advise anyone of any level to get involved next year.
Once again fuelit pulled through, providing me with the bars I needed to compete at the BUCS Duathlon Championships. The next major event will be in 2017 when I will be competing in the Manchester Marathon looking to break the 2:55 mark.   


Charlie (green jacket), with the rest of the Oxford Brookes Duathlon team

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