The Cater Brothers - Future Ironmen.

Brothers Dan and Alex Cater are two endurance athletes and ex-Rowers targeting the 2017 Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii for their respective age groups. 
Sports have always been integral to my lifestyle and have defined my personality and character. Competing from a young age in a variety of schoolboy sports (rugby, football, cricket, atheletics and cross country) I eventually found my calling rowing at secondary school. Through unfortunate circumstance a partially slipped disc ended that fledgling career leaving me without a calling and, dishearteningly, goalless. Driven by fiery competitiveness and a yearning for challenge I've turned to Ironman. Inspired by the feats of my father completing the Marathon des Sables in his fifties I see it as an opportunity to break my physical and mental boundaries. But a job half-assed is not worth doing, so why not target the very top. With the objective of clinching an age category victory at the Ironman Nice I hope to gain automatic qualification to the Ironman World Championships and, hopefully, redefine my limits.
Much akin to Alex, despite a promising youth as an Athletics Captain and Rugby player, it was rowing which really enabled me to glimpse my potential as an athlete. Despite ranking as high as 3rd at GB Trials and achieving National Medals as a Junior I gradually fell out of love with the sport at University. But since graduating and joining the working population I have rediscovered my passion for competition, completing the World's Toughest Triathlon in Snowdonia, finishing a makeshift Ironman distance race to raise money for charity and running a 3:09 marathon in spite of a torn hamstring. Now, with 10 months of preparation ahead of me before racing in Nice, I am targeting a sub-9 hour Ironman, victory in France and subsequently pursuit of the World Championship title in Kona next October.
You can follow both of our journeys at the following locations, where we discuss the challenges of balancing professional careers and social lives with sport, as well as our approaches to training methodologies, conditioning and nutrition plans.
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