Louise Croxon - Triathlete

I’m a GB Age Group Triathlete and Chartered Accountant living and training in the Windsor area.  Since taking up triathlon in my early thirties I’ve been on a journey to be the best triathlete I can be and try and reach my full potential as an athlete. I like to keep pushing my boundaries and so far have become faster as each year passes. It all stemmed from a desire to get fit and healthy, but quickly I realised that pushing myself to my limits and racing were not only enjoyable but additive. I’ve proudly been part of Team GB as an age grouper since 2010 competing in 4 World Championships and 3 European Championships.
Over the last couple of years taking a step back from a busy career as an accountant and engaged a well-known coach have led to advances in my performance. I’ve won the British Champion titles over the standard distance in 2014 and 2015 and a silver medal at the European championships in Geneva in 2015. This year I’m focusing on the World Age Group Championships in Mexico in September.
 I’m an avid spokesperson for healthy nutrition, Pilates and yoga, and triathlon is part of my active lifestyle. I love being outside in nature, eating yummy healthy food and walking my dog Ronnie, when I’m not training of course.    
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