Jasmine Campbell - Performance Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist

Jasmine Campbell MSc, ISSN Dip., CISSN, SENr Grad
Performance Nutritionist & Exercise Physiologist
All aspects of sport science interest me but in my studies and working career I’ve maintained a true passion for physiology and nutrition. For me both of these areas over lap and whether you’re an elite athlete or a recreational one for enjoyment and/or to keep fit, you can always benefit from improving, particularly your nutrition.

I work for myself as a Performance Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist for a whole range of athletes and different sports. Everybody is different and what works for one person, won’t for another. You might be doing well already but you can always do better and that’s the fun of it.

I split my time between working in London and in Oxford. With sports nutrition there is always more to learn and explore, so lots of reading for me and consulting with peers and my colleagues. If the weather is nice you might just see me out running or cycling (hanging off my dad’s back wheel). Otherwise I’ll be playing hockey with girls who make me laugh and lifting barbells.
Look out for Jasmine's nutrition blogs appearing here soon!