Charlie Quarterman - Junior Cyclist (Zappi RT)

I may have been pretty late into the cycling game but I've always been a sportsman. Up until the age of 15, I always prided myself on the number of hours of sport I did per week, whether it be Rugby, Cricket, Hockey or Football (in which I played for Oxford United academy for a short while). I never found one that I could really stand out in however, my technical ability always let down the determination and doggedness.


I started cycling when I was 11, but it was only one ride every couple of months with my dad around the hills of West Oxfordshire. It started in 2012 after the Olympics, a bit of inspiration put me on my bike riding 20miles to Enstone and back to see my old friends. A big ride for day 1! The love steadily increased and in November that year, I met a man that would take me up to where I am now and beyond. Flavio Zappi.


Charlie (left) with dad Paul (centre) and Flavio Zappi (right)


It was a cold Zappi Hill Climb event and I don't remember much apart from being chased up a hill by a crazy Italian man. Very warm and keen to help, Flavio, along with lots of support from my dad amongst others brought me into the world of racing and now I'm racing across Europe in high level junior races.

The story has only just begun!

Winning in Spain


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