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Hi, nice to meet you!  Huw and Jon here, founders of fuelit. We've been cycling and running for over 10 years, participating in everything from 24-hour endurance events to international level races.  Nutrition is an extremely important part of endurance sports, but it can be very confusing and sometimes misleading.  We set fuelit up in order to cut straight through this, providing simple, clear guidance and access to some of the best products from around the UK and abroad.

What's fuelit About?

Working with sports scientists and top athletes to simplify the science behind nutrition. We're going to be exploring what, how and when to eat and drink to perform at your best.
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Helping you explore the huge variety of sports nutrition products on offer out there.  You'll find a wide variety of bars, gels and drinks from the very best brands in our Discovery Boxes at a great price.
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Anything else you'd like to try?  Let us know and we'll get hold of them for you, even if outside the UK.

Enabling you to buy sports nutrition online without having to buy in bulk.  In our Custom Boxes, you can buy any combination of your 10 favourite products.  Our boxes fit straight through your letterbox too - no more hassle with collections!
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Our Values

This company is all about you and your performance.  We want to help you achieve your full potential, and this is why we provide our nutritional info and guides for free.  We'll never mention any specific products in these, focusing instead on the fundamentals of carbs, protein, electrolytes etc.  When it comes to products, we prefer to provide you with a very wide range so you can make your own mind up!

We're trying to achieve something bigger with fuelit, so have committed to contributing 1% of all revenues to charity.  Current candidates include Qhubeka (providing bicycles to communities in Africa).  Please email us if you have any other suggestions.